What To Post Where

Announcements & Warnings


Announcements: Anything new and exciting in the ace world. Example: A new facebook group or an opportunity to do an interview.


Warnings: Names of trolls, exclusionists & gatekeepers, people or groups who are transphobic, racist, ableist or anything like that.


Arts & Crafts


Promote: You have made something you want to show others. Paintings, crochet projects, knitted things, cosplay outfits, poems, fanfic and so on. Promoting only. To sell, go to the category 'Market'.


Black rings


Black rings: You either look for a specific design, a specific size, a specific material or you promote one, by posting pictures, links, info of black rings. Promoting only. To sell, go to the category 'Market'.


Donations & Fundraisers


Donations & Fundraisers: You have a Gofundme or a Patreon or something like that.




Knowledge: You offer/look for Help/Support/Advice with/for legal issues, medical problems, translations, computer issues and so on.


Labor: You offer/look for Help/Support/Advice with/for repairs, gardening, cleaning, moving and so on.


Time: You offer/look for Help/Support/Advice with/for babysitting, pet-sitting, house-sitting and so on.


Friendship: You offer/look for Help/Support/Advice like talking/listening, a place to crash for a while, accompanying someone.


Other: You offer/look for other kinds of Help/Support/Advice.




A room: You are looking for/offering a room to rent/sub-rent.


An apartment: You are looking for/offering an apartment to rent.


A house: You are looking for/offering a house to rent.


A garage: You are looking for/offering a garage to rent/sub-rent.


Looking for (a) roommate(s): You are looking for one or more roommates for your apartment or house.




Offering: You are hiring/looking for a job.




Ace/Pride items: You want to buy/sell your ace-related or ace-pride items. Post single items or whole online stores.


Other items: You want to buy/sell items that aren't ace-related.




Media: Promoting/looking for Books, Podcasts, Movies, TV Shows, Blogs, Fanfic, YouTube Channels and so on by Aces and/or with Aces and/or about Aces and/or for aces.




Ace Meetups: You are looking for/organizing/promoting Ace Meetups.


LGBTQIA+ Meetups: You are looking for/organizing/promoting LGBTQIA+ Meetups.


Other Meetups: You are looking for/organizing/promoting other Meetups.


Pride Events


Ace Pride Events: You are looking for/organizing/promoting Ace Pride Events.


LGBTQIA+ Pride Events: You are looking for/organizing/promoting LGBTQIA+ Pride Events.


Other Events: You are looking for/organizing/promoting other events.




Random: Everything and anything that doesn't seem to fit in any of the other categories.


Some things may belong to multiple categories. Pick one that you think fits best.