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  • Clothes Haven

    Clothes Haven

    Promote Melbourne (Melbourne) February 3, 2019 No money involved

    Australia's first ever bricks and mortar queer clothing store is underway in Melbourne. It is geared specifically towards genderqueer peeps who struggle to find clothing in their style and size as well as being a safe rainbow space with all the repre...

  • NEW Movie AsexuaLOVE

    NEW Movie AsexuaLOVE

    Media October 1, 2018 4.00 Euro €

    Dear all, Eva Lammelova made a movie about two asexual people from Czech Republic called AsexuaLOVE (2018). There is a trailer of movie: There is a movie with english subtitles, you can...

  • Demisexual panromantic / demi-pansexual flag

    Demisexual panromantic / demi-pansexual flag

    Ace/Pride items Dortmund (Nordrhein-Westfalen) September 6, 2018 No money involved

    So, this shop I ordered a couple of flags from recently accidentally sent me a wrong one and said I could keep it if I like. However, since I am not demisexual (I had ordered a demiromantic flag), I have no use for it. I would like to give this flag ...

  • Dragon Scale Pillow

    Dragon Scale Pillow

    Promote Cleveland (Ohio) August 14, 2018 No money involved

    Hi guys! I just started my own Etsy shop! I make pillows with the Asexual pride flag using dragon scales! I can do other flags as well but I'm most happy to represent my Ace community with this product!! Check it out if you've got a bit of time! Than...

  • Kickstarter for Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person's Guide to Nurturing Human Touch

    Kickstarter for Somebody Hold Me: The Single Person's Guide to Nurturing Human Touch

    Donations & Fundraisers July 2, 2018 15.00 Dollar US$

    We're currently running a Kickstarter for a book that could be incredibly useful for aces as it emphasizes physical, non-sexual intimacy in a structured setting that is designed to minimize ambiguity around intentions. Somebody Hold Me has created a ...

  • Ace Dragons, Pride Unicorns and More - Zazzle Store

    Ace Dragons, Pride Unicorns and More - Zazzle Store

    Ace/Pride items June 28, 2018 No money involved

    Made a few more additions for the end of the month, and as you can see if you buy before the end of the month it's 15% off everything on zazzle with the promo code: ENDJUNESALEZ I'm really happy with how the ace dragon turned out with it's little win...

  • 2018 Pride Parade and Pridefest

    2018 Pride Parade and Pridefest

    LGBTQIA+ Pride Events Erie (Pennsylvania) June 17, 2018 No money involved

    Pridefest will take place this year on June 30th. We will gather at The Zone Dance Club on 18th from 11-12 and step off to march to Perry Square at 12. Once at Perry Square we will have info tables and vendors along with performances by local drag pe...

  • 2018 Pride Festival & March

    2018 Pride Festival & March

    LGBTQIA+ Pride Events Lewiston (Maine) June 17, 2018 No money involved

    Save the date!!! This year's Pride March and Festival is on June 30th. March is from 11am to 12pm and the festival follows 12pm to 5pm. This years theme is Liberation for All! There will be food trucks, bounce house, drag Bingo, Mad libs, story hour....

  • Frederick Pride 2018

    Frederick Pride 2018

    LGBTQIA+ Pride Events Frederick (Maryland) June 17, 2018 No money involved

    7th Annual! Free admission. For booth rental or garage parking info see website : Frederick Pride is celebrating its 7th year in 2018! This year’s festival takes place Saturday, June 23, 2018, from 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., at Carr...

  • Cincinnati Pride Parade

    Cincinnati Pride Parade

    LGBTQIA+ Pride Events Cincinnati (Ohio) June 17, 2018 No money involved

    Thanks for coming out and supporting Cincinnati Pride! Join us on June 23, 2018 as Cincinnati Pride celebrates our 45th anniversary! #cincypride2018